Flee from all readers who tell you that your character is just too dark or too miserable or that no one’s going to want to read about him or her. Worry, instead, about whether your character is true, and by this I don’t mean that your character talks exactly the way a sixteen-year-old would talk, or that your character behaves exactly like all other white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, or whomever. Worry about whether your character is complex in the way that life is complex and bittersweet. It will take us a while to figure out who this person is, what he or she stands for, but then, just maybe, we will love your character despite his or her faults, just the way we feel about the actual people we know. Those are the characters you want, the ones that require a little effort to love. The prodigals.
Rick Moody

Source: powells.com

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